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In today's ever changing, highly volatile and competitive market, the decision to invest capital in the growth and success of one's business is becoming ever critical.

The truth is, when it comes down to business, it is all about your bottom-line. Therefore, we pride ourselves in having created and engineered through our own R&D facilities, a system that can be tailor made to your each and every company need.

The management, collection and distribution of employee hours on our real-time system basis, makes conventional employee time clocks and time tracking systems a thing of past.

This is why SDM’s products and services are unmatched in the Advanced Time & Attendance and Access Control market:

Web Based Management Console

>> Microsoft . Net with SQL database (Internet Based).

>> Local application on sites.

>> Customised to fit customers needs and requirements.


>> Central enrolment with complete employee information capture, biometric take on and picture.

>> Enforces segregation of duties.

Rostering & Scheduling

>> Set rosters or drag and drop employees to sites and work types.

>> SMS and email functions for employees not clocked.

Biometric Clocking

>> Clock in and out using biometric fingerprint scanners. (Sagem Technology)

>> Monitor time and attendance in real-time.

Policies & Rules

>> Create and enforce policies and rules.

>> Customisable rules engine e.g. set per shift (working days), per group (off day), per site, work type or individual employee.

>> Supports rules to convert km to hours and vehicle/equipment management.


>> Consolidated view of time and attendance activity and data

User Management

>> Manage and control user access to system.

Risk Control

>> Complete audit trails e.g. who did what and when.

>> Automated PrDP Control, incident handling and monitoring.

>> Authorise and explain mechanisms.

>> Debriefing and truck management..

>> Injury on duty, information readily available.

Reporting & Export

>> Customisable reports e.g. exceptions, costing, efficiency, statutory, employee enquiry.

>> Ability to export to other systems (e.g. VIP, accounting package, any other application.)

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